Resurgent [adjective]

Definition of Resurgent:

rising again

Synonyms of Resurgent:

Opposite/Antonyms of Resurgent:

Sentence/Example of Resurgent:

He said it almost with a sneer, but nothing could crush the resurgent glow in her heart.

Only the resurgent youth in him was again demanding youth for its mate.

She glowed with a resurgent happiness that was almost an ecstasy.

But again, his own extremity is God's opportunity; Faith is seen cresting the resurgent waves.

Laodice withdrew to Ephesus and kept court there: long affection, resurgent, sent Antiochus thither to join her.

As before on the moon itself, he felt a resurgent desire to bathe in an atmosphere of life.

A resurgent American economy would do more to restore the confidence of the world in its own future than anything else we can do.

The instant that the possibility of losing Laura occurred to him, he felt again the full, resurgent wave of his desire.

Its resurgent dirge stirs vague forebodings which root in the calamitous experience of the race.

Resurgent hope filled my breast as I plunged downward again, striking out with all my might.