Resurrected [verb]

Definition of Resurrected:


Opposite/Antonyms of Resurrected:

Sentence/Example of Resurrected:

Who could say whether it was the woman herself or the resurrected spirit of their youth?

The ear trumpet was resurrected from the interior of the vehicle.

In February he resurrected the question but that time he was put off by the typhus.

Osiris was also said to be born about the 25th of December; he suffered, died, and was resurrected.

The chairs were resurrected from the dbris in the family attic.

As it resurrected you, so shall it hurl you back into the night whence it drew you.

I find that I have been resurrected again in character and am the centre of attraction.

When I recovered it seemed as if I had died and been resurrected.

I had resurrected my Rebel uniform and had quietly slipped it on.

Gabrielle, however, who realizes that the source of gowns is far, has resurrected it.