Resurrects [verb]

Definition of Resurrects:


Opposite/Antonyms of Resurrects:

Sentence/Example of Resurrects:

And vampires are things I'd like to see drowned so deep they can't ever resurrect.

I have dared to resurrect an extinct tribe for the purposes of fiction.

But look here, old chap, you look a bit cheap; we'll resurrect you to start with.

From those cells we can resurrect any one of whom we have an identification plate.

If we need Einstein, why don't we Resurrect him, deal with him as a man?

He crucified Self, that he might resurrect the image of God.

By rising from the tomb, Thou didst raise the dead and resurrect Adam.

Bates said "it was 'rejuvify'—that is, 'drag out,' 'resurrect.'"

We shall hang the dog, and then resurrect the master; for, Viola!

I said, “I will improve your reputation by giving you an opportunity to resurrect me.”