Retailer [noun]

Definition of Retailer:

person who sells goods

Synonyms of Retailer:

Opposite/Antonyms of Retailer:

Sentence/Example of Retailer:

The retailer is the grocer, the butcher, or the green grocer.

The wholesaler must know the character of the retailer to whom he extends credit.

What kind of house did the retailer and the craftsman occupy?

Retailer hums a tune to himself, and affects not to hear the question.

Or, the retailer may get the premium with the first purchase by paying the difference in cash.

It took but little tempting to cause the fall of the retailer.

There was no reason why food should spoil on the hands of the retailer.

He acted simply as broker between the manufacturer and the retailer.

The manufacturer or wholesaler is creditor and the jobber or retailer is debtor.

On the Continent this takes the place of the cloves of the English retailer.