Retaliate [verb]

Definition of Retaliate:

get even with someone

Opposite/Antonyms of Retaliate:

Sentence/Example of Retaliate:

High favour, when a lady condescends to remember and retaliate.

By this means he announced that he was prepared to retaliate for any hurt he might receive.

Possibly, like Mephistopheles in Faust, he may retaliate on his adversaries.

And I hope that you in your turn will retaliate upon me if I am false to my own principle.

It is not strange that when harpooned it should retaliate by attacking its assailant.

The fleet of Sator tried to retaliate, but the Nansalians were prepared for them.

Bewildered, she tried to retaliate with the boomerang of vituperation.

She was one who knew how to retaliate, and to do so quickly.

Francis did not, however, fail to retaliate in her vehement way.

You observe, I do not retaliate by addressing you as Dear Philip.