Retaliatory [adjective]

Definition of Retaliatory:

concerning punishment

Synonyms of Retaliatory:

Opposite/Antonyms of Retaliatory:

Sentence/Example of Retaliatory:

It was the fear of retaliatory punishment that kept them aloof.

But Briggs had recourse to what he believed to be a retaliatory taunt.

Many Congressmen have felt the retaliatory power of the Federation.

Great Britain, too, was to suffer from her own retaliatory policy.

But these retaliatory arguments have the fault of proving nothing at all.

Many a deed of blood have we enacted; many a scene of retaliatory vengeance have we passed through.

There is no retaliatory play of the ball by the center players; they merely dodge it.

In Spain, the two opposing regencies vied with each other in retaliatory Warring factions in Spain measures.

The indignation over the action of the Indians was so great that retaliatory measures were determined upon.

The Military Office reports that it is at present considering no retaliatory raids against the tribesmen.