Retirees [noun]

Definition of Retirees:

someone of advanced years

Synonyms of Retirees:

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Sentence/Example of Retirees:

The city’s annual payment to its pension system, to fund retirees and future retirees, is ballooning as well.

Early in the coronavirus pandemic, Betty Conner, a 71-year-old retiree, was suddenly feeling very young.

“Every document that I have read about who the pandemic has hurt and who it has not leads me to believe retirees have more discretionary money than any other age group,” McIntosh said.

Even before shots are available to the broad population, the state is struggling to assemble an inoculation-certified workforce, and appealing to medical retirees to help.

The consultant said the donations would help create trust with parents, women and new retirees and recommended targeting the community through Stimson’s Facebook page.

Health systems are boosting bonuses and overtime pay to recruit and retain staff, as well as reaching out to retirees.

Wealthy retirees got a tax break from the coronavirus relief billWe’re already seen that show, and it wasn’t pretty.

The retiree was at high risk from the coronavirus, both because of his age, 70, and his medical condition.

Located on the coast of Lake Michigan, the county boasts a mix of Chicago tourists and full-time retirees, especially in the town of South Haven.

Last year, hundreds of thousands of people—from students to retirees—joined immense demonstrations in the UK, calling for the country to cut its carbon emissions to battle the threat of climate change.