Retort [noun]

Definition of Retort:

snappy answer

Synonyms of Retort:

Opposite/Antonyms of Retort:

Sentence/Example of Retort:

Her raillery, like the raillery of princes, was without fear of retort.

Kirkwood's smile robbed the retort of any flavor of incivility.

Mr Pecksniff was, as a matter of course, greatly entertained by this retort.

I dared not retort, but I looked so hard at his paunch that the General smiled.

Karl had not the subtlety to retort, “Ay, but does it say what we like?”

"You're going to see one now," was all the retort Tom permitted himself.

It was this play that drew forth from a woman, an American playwright, the retort stinging.

But suppose that he were to retort, 'Thrasymachus, what do you mean?

But the moment it had subsided the derided one shot out his retort.

But he did not retort; nor, to her surprise, did he raise his voice or order her off the premises.