Retorted [verb]

Definition of Retorted:


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Sentence/Example of Retorted:

And hence, Sir, retorted I, your unbrotherly reflections upon me?

"They didn't ring very true to the jury, it would seem," he retorted.

"And that's why she's here now with a gang of crooks," he retorted.

Burke retorted, with the effect of stopping the other short.

"No girl's worth what I've been going through," he retorted bitterly.

"That mare'll beat him," retorted Porter, curtly, nettled by the other's cocksureness.

"He cashes in often when he's credited with a mistake," retorted the other.

"If you do, you ought to be ashamed of it," I retorted hotly.

"It isn't my place to ask questions," retorted Stoliker doggedly.

"You'd lose your five hundred; that's the difference," retorted Langdon.