Retrace [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Retrace:

But he did not retrace his steps in order to remonstrate with her severely in the street.

With what emotions would she trace and retrace her own eventful story!

I knew it must be near noontime, so I began to retrace my way.

They turned, and with Sim between them Ralph and Rotha began to retrace their steps.

Yoga Rama repeatedly asked me to trace and retrace all the letters of the name.

I watched him go up to the letter-box and then retrace his steps.

Mrs. Travers let fall her arm and began to retrace her steps, unsupported and alone.

If not, there appears to be nothing for it, but to retrace your steps whence you came.

So she turned and began to retrace her steps—the two gentlemen accompanying her.

Kagh had not gone far when some whim caused him to turn about as if to retrace his steps.