Retracted [verb]

Definition of Retracted:

take back; renege on

Opposite/Antonyms of Retracted:

Sentence/Example of Retracted:

Orders were given, orders were retracted and given again, and then again retracted.

Although she had apologized for speaking her thought she had not retracted the thought itself.

When he came to die, however, he retracted what he had alleged of Elizabeth.

Chip refused, but he long remembered why he retracted his refusal.

"Oh, I don't suppose I should call it exactly scared," retracted Bess.

You say he hath retracted: I say, many particulars are not retracted.

Linda indeed had twice before assented, and had twice retracted her word.

If it is valid it cannot be retracted, any more than the dead can be brought to life.

The war might be continued, as it was; but such a confession could never be retracted.

But it had been uttered; and, let what apology there may be made, a word uttered cannot be retracted.