Retreated [verb]

Definition of Retreated:

pull back, go away

Opposite/Antonyms of Retreated:

Sentence/Example of Retreated:

Mrs. McKee knew herself routed, and retreated to the kitchen.

As they retreated, many took refuge in the village of Jalalkot.

He went nearer to her, and as he did so, she retreated further into the shadow.

But the British have retreated, you say, and there was a sortie from the fort?

The driver closed the window again as he retreated, and they were alone.

Philip bowed and retreated to the door, followed obsequiously by his uncle.

Lucy Ann retreated before them into the house, and they all trooped in after her.

Amelia had retreated, until she stood now with one hand on the table.

I retreated, saying that I would not hear any secret from her.

But he flung it wide open suddenly, and with a noise; then retreated.