Retreating [verb]

Definition of Retreating:

pull back, go away

Opposite/Antonyms of Retreating:

Sentence/Example of Retreating:

A blind man might have followed the trail of the retreating army.

Margaret stood in the doorway, listening to the retreating footsteps.

"I don't think they'll keep on retreating forever, Ohio," he said.

But Grant, as Colonel Woodville foresaw, had no idea of retreating.

The Marquis looked that way, and listened for the retreating step of his valet.

From this moment there was to be no possibility of retreating.

Apparently it was retreating from something between Thad and itself.

And his great laugh drowns the roar of the retreating train.

From there east the Austrians were retreating into the passes of the Carpathians.

On August 23, 1914, the Russians were almost on the heels of the retreating Austrians.