Retribution [noun]

Definition of Retribution:

payback for another's action

Synonyms of Retribution:

Opposite/Antonyms of Retribution:

Sentence/Example of Retribution:

When the storm came, she was frightened, and said, 'It is a retribution.'

It is of no use for us to think to evade this law; neither is it a law wholly of retribution.

Since that time they have lived in deadly fear of retribution.

Sooner or later,--sooner or later,--the day of retribution comes.

There is retribution, but Falstaff is only pinched by the fairies.

Had I done so, how poignant would be my remorse at the retribution of our own sufferings, and the pity of those I had so injured!

It was a day of vengeance, and awfully did retribution fall.

The ethical proof of the immortality of the soul is derived from the necessity of retribution.

And do you mean to say also that if he meets with retribution and punishment he will still be happy?

He supposes a day of retribution, in which the good are to be rewarded and the wicked punished.