Retrieval [noun]

Definition of Retrieval:


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Sentence/Example of Retrieval:

It was just the moment for the Church party to attempt a retrieval of their lost power.

In Æschylus, when once "destiny" is about, all retrieval grows absurd.

He is the best who wins the most splendid victories by the retrieval of mistakes.

But what retrieval of lost comeliness could be effected in a day or two?

The abolition of slavery, and the retrieval of specie in this colony, are the subjects on which I would bespeak their attention.

For the victory in question, from whatever point of view we may look at it, was not the avoidance of defeat, but its retrieval.

Retrieval is part of the practice of knowledge and defines a horizon for human interaction.

So she sat down instead of standing up in a vain effort at retrieval.

It's simply the case of a man who has made a fool of himself and sees no help of retrieval in himself.

The touch is the retrieval, so far as it goes, setting up as it does heaven knows what undefeated continuity.