Retrieves [verb]

Definition of Retrieves:

get back

Synonyms of Retrieves:

Opposite/Antonyms of Retrieves:

Sentence/Example of Retrieves:

His hat floated off and he grudged the slight effort to retrieve it.

Even then it was not too late for Baseek to retrieve the situation.

He was in want of a youth whom he could trust, and who would help him to retrieve his affairs.

Go back to them now and retrieve what you have lost, and see that in the future you are worthier.

And with that slender capital he intended that night to retrieve his lost fortune.

He can retrieve rabbits almost as well as he can catch them.

For he was not an old man, and hoped yet to retrieve his fortunes.

He had now to retrieve his fallen honour, and to make amends for his guilt.

As Parr moved to retrieve these, his companions called out to halt him.

Lady Evenswood, with a quick perception, tried to retrieve the observation.