Retrieving [verb]

Definition of Retrieving:

get back

Synonyms of Retrieving:

Opposite/Antonyms of Retrieving:

Sentence/Example of Retrieving:

He started down the trail, hastily, after retrieving his gun.

You mustn't take away my last chance of retrieving the season.

Then in the faint hope of yet retrieving his blunder he inquired, "How long will he be here?"

His retrieving of game was equal to any of the retrieving I ever saw in any other dogs.

His quickness in retrieving a false position, outwardly, came to his aid.

“They did not take much pains about retrieving their game,” said the doctor.

The sagacious lawyer and reader of men was retrieving his blunder.

"Think as much as you like," returned Mr. Boggs, retrieving the treasure.

As to retrieving his fortune, he did not even dream of that.

There had always been a sort of triumph in retrieving boys from Thrigsby for culture.