Retrogressive [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Retrogressive:

The reformer who was so recently "retrogressive" had now become a rival in reform.

But man in himself, essentially, is at once progressive and retrogressive.

Scott, it must be remembered, was a retrogressive influence.

He is in fact a representative of retrogressive development.

This is one of the retrogressive measures which are daily occurrences in Russia.

Henceforth their history was to show a retrogressive movement.

Further than this retrogressive and imitative movement he never seemed to go.

But he draws no conclusion except that spiritualism is retrogressive.

In Music a retrogressive step in which there is much hope, has been taken.

The development of the adult from the larva is, as has already been stated, in the main a retrogressive metamorphosis.