Retting [verb]

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"She's by far the sweetest child you've got, Marg'ret," she said to Mrs. Underhill.

If you grow some flax, you can ret it also and remove the fiber.

Dis heah coat and weskit nuver did you no favor anyways—I hear Miss Marg'ret talkin' 'bout it de fust time you ever put 'em on.

Sonig say, 'Tomorrow we be friendry and we ret those two go for another wawrk in the woods.

Retina, ret′i-na, n. the innermost coating of the eye, consisting of a fine network of optic nerves.

Retinue, ret′i-nū, n. the body of retainers who follow a person of rank: a suite: a cortege.

Reticence, ret′i-sens, n. concealment by silence: reserve in speech—also Ret′icency.

Retinol, ret′i-nol, n. a hydro-carbon oil used in printers' ink.

Retting, ret′ing, n. the act or process of preparing flax for use by rotting the useless part of the plant.

Got uh brother libin' ret on dis here street; one den toof doctors, yuh know, what pulls yer teef.