Returning [noun]

Definition of Returning:

the act of coming back

Synonyms of Returning:

Opposite/Antonyms of Returning:


Sentence/Example of Returning:

"This gun makes me even with you," said Robert, returning his look unflinchingly.

"It makes no difference to you where I got it," said our hero, returning the money to his pocket.

And you seized his cane in a fury, and broke it in returning the blow.

"Not now," said Mr Clayton, softened by my returning warmth.

They are angry also, as I understand, with my mother, for returning his compliment.

Small boys and girls, returning from school, were beginning to play.

Allow him to spend the evening with you, that I may be in no danger of his returning here.

The battery, about thirty sappers and half the 35th Sikhs, were returning to camp.

She held her breath, as the sound seemed very long in returning.

Indignation toward Martin gathered volume with her returning strength.