Returns [noun]

Definition of Returns:

coming again

Opposite/Antonyms of Returns:

Sentence/Example of Returns:

At this juncture comes an interruption; Tracey Tanner returns, hot-foot.

At night, in his dreams, she returns, but never for a season may he look on her face of loveliness.

When he returns to England you cannot do so, no matter how much you might wish to make the attempt.'

And must I continue to be very charming when he returns to me, and be ready for all his fancies?

Nevertheless, I tremble yet and I shall tremble until he returns.

If she returns my love, my struggles will be sweet to me, for they will be made for her sake.

The stranger said, 'Tell him when he returns, that to-night he must pay me my debt.'

He returns to the Emperor, on whose knees an aide-de-camp was unfolding a map.

It returns to him again, again retires as if wishing him to follow it.

If any freeman consort with him, let him be purified before he returns to the city.