Reunite [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Reunite:

To say "Afro-American" is to reunite us to our forefathers, both by blood and language.

I suppose the momentous question of 'Where shall we reunite?'

They began calling; and the sound was potent to reunite them.

In case of the appearance of Indians, we were immediately to try and reunite.

As a result, this last attempt to reunite the sections came to nothing.

The Senator is mistaken in supposing that we can reunite these States by war.

Here, as in one or two other cases, I reunite passages from two letters.

When his real father claimed him, we were glad to reunite them.

His first care was to part on good terms with the ministers who were to reunite at Vienna.

Withal he was practical, and lost no time in moving to reunite the lovers.