Revamped [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Revamped:

I'm the same Molly underneath even if I have been revamped and decorated.

The revamped narrative is worth quoting in full for other reasons.

This revamped Ether, referred to, was the "Ether of Aristotle."

Thor and Odin will doubtless be revamped, and the rites of the Druids revived.

There was the gossip of the town in which he lived as biting as the hoar frost, revamped and magnified to his hurt.

It seems as if some poet of comparatively modern times had revamped an old mele to suit his own ends.

It is a story a hundred years old, revamped every few years to suit some new man.

It is old Protestantism revamped, and varnished with a mixture of rationalism and orientalism.

Stretch by stretch the old road was revamped to meet in every way modern conditions.

The rest is Fletcher's; but in a few scenes his work has been revamped, and in verse as well as style degraded by the reviser.