Revanche [noun]

Definition of Revanche:

payback for another's action

Synonyms of Revanche:

Opposite/Antonyms of Revanche:

Sentence/Example of Revanche:

You must give me my chance of a revanche to-morrow, Mr Tempest!

One afternoon the French gunboat Revanche received visitors.

It is not "revanche" we want, but the return of our territory.

With the young Welshman a joke might be carried to extremes, and he would only seek his revanche by a lark of like kind.

It brooded upon the Revanche, the return match with Prussia.

Hence Germanys bristling attitude to France, and the revival in France of the revanche idea, which had died down.

The worst of it is, when one bets with these low people there is no chance of getting a revanche at some other time.

When the king lost he was most exacting for his 'revanche,' or revenge, as it is termed at play.

On every occasion that the revanche cry has been resuscitated, the direct cause is to be sought in Germany.

Any hope of revanche is abandoned in the reflection of the super-retaliations he himself conceives.