Reveled [noun]

Definition of Reveled:

celebration, merrymaking

Synonyms of Reveled:

Opposite/Antonyms of Reveled:


Sentence/Example of Reveled:

They go bare-headed in the broiling sun, and seem to revel in the heat.

For a few moments I could revel in the marvellous spectacle before me.

The wind was fair, and carried him in four days to Revel Roads.

"And when you achieve the fine loaf, you may revel in home-made rolls," I answered.

The more unprotected and helpless a woman is, the more they revel in it.

You'll live in them, revel in them, rejoice in them, they'll be your battlefield.

We revel in things as you women do––but we revel in them because people are shut away from us.

Maybe I did not revel in pride of my quickness of thought and action!

Such was the frame of mind in which our hero awoke, and lay for some time to revel in!

You have, of course, heard that we do not revel in superfluities.