Revelry [noun]

Definition of Revelry:


Synonyms of Revelry:

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Sentence/Example of Revelry:

They come to life and retire to the hall for feasting and revelry.

Sounds of revelry and triumph are heard from the Pirate Isle.

It was the Carnival week again—the mad blaspheming week of revelry and devilry.

Sounds of revelry and the odor of stale beer come out of it.

Sounds of revelry continued to pour in through the street window.

Go into that hall of revelry, where ungodly mirth staggers and blasphemes.

But evening is the time also for revelry, for drink, for passion.

Once more the Traynor residence was filled with the sounds of mirth and revelry.

The arrival of the guests, the welcomes, and the "revelry" of the assembly.

The camp was still astir, and there were sounds of feasting and revelry.