Revenant [noun]

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That is true, Monsieur; he has been often taken for a revenant.

It is by the strength of the revenant, by the return of his soul into his body?

You are now one of us; a revenant, even as I, and to live you must feed on the living.

Like that shadowy majesty of Denmark, our dramatic author was a "revenant."

But there is no doubt that the majority of us would prefer encountering a human rather than a four-footed "revenant."

No one present, then no revenant or spook, or astral body, or hallucination: what's in a name?

“It might account for her seeing this revenant cavalier in any passenger,” said Lauzun, not satisfied yet.

Somehow, the idea of a revenant Beta curve didn't make up for the basic loss.

Now, when she thought of him at all, it was as of some revenant of kindly countenance from a half-forgotten dream.

The Jena was a remarkably fine and fast vessel, and, as the Revenant privateer, had formerly cruised long and very successfully.