Reverberate [verb]

Definition of Reverberate:

vibrate in sound

Synonyms of Reverberate:

Opposite/Antonyms of Reverberate:

Sentence/Example of Reverberate:

You expect the harp to reverberate once again with the old fervors.

My voice seemed to reverberate and re-echo as if I had shouted with all my strength.

There are other calls than those which reverberate from yon peaks.

Its walls, while echoing voices of lamentation, reverberate also the shouts of revenge.

All she could do, for the instant, was to reverberate foolishly Prodmores?

This is as the echo continuing to reverberate after the sound has ceased.

Presently the growling of the guns began to reverberate over London.

The salutes they fired had hardly ceased to reverberate along the shores of the Channel when the momentous struggle was on.

Rows, indeed, were frequent and occasionally threatened to reverberate beyond the walls of the official sanctum.

If this is a fortunate day, however, the horn on the turret will blow, and then the gong at the bailey gate will reverberate.