Reverberated [verb]

Definition of Reverberated:

vibrate in sound

Synonyms of Reverberated:

Opposite/Antonyms of Reverberated:

Sentence/Example of Reverberated:

A loud noise which reverberated under the arches made her tremble.

Thought at first that sounds were reverberated from the sea.

But still the heat of the day reverberated from the stones about them.

It reverberated all over the mountain like the firing of a battery.

The sound was taken up and reverberated from Maine to California.

These judgments have, in effect, been reverberated by successive writers and editors.

This lightened her mute pain, which reverberated in her heart like a tight chord.

It was long since those old walls had reverberated to such a sound.

The words, "This is the Day of Judgment," reverberated in his ears like a peal of thunder.

And through all reverberated incessantly the defiant clarion of the cataract.