Reverberating [verb]

Definition of Reverberating:

vibrate in sound

Synonyms of Reverberating:

Opposite/Antonyms of Reverberating:

Sentence/Example of Reverberating:

But the reverberating roar of the great organ-pipe was gone.

The cruel phrase filled his brain, reechoing and reverberating there.

The air was reverberating with a muffled sound like distant thunder.

The still air was reverberating with the muffled roar of Deep Cañon.

Thunder burst, clap after clap, reverberating through the mountains.

Lock them into reverberating circuits with a code sequence key.

With a reverberating clang and a falling of broken steel it swung out.

The reports were loud and reverberating, and almost drowned the sound of the guns.

The words were shot out with a reverberating, melancholy boom.

The ax rang on the hard wood, reverberating through the forest.