Reverberations [noun]

Definition of Reverberations:


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Sentence/Example of Reverberations:

They were like the reverberation of some far-off tutored circle.

I tell you what it is, Pugh, what I hear is the reverberation of some machinery.

This reference to the "mewel" was only a reverberation of the town talk as Lin had predicted.

Meanwhile there was no reverberation from Seymour Street—only a sultry silence.

The reverberation of his footsteps vibrated through his brain.

The reverberation of the shouting was as the plunge of a cataract.

There was a sort of reverberation, too, as if the tree were hollow.

My love is the reverberation of the primeval voice, the echo of God's.

Then he kicked it lightly with his big boot, seeming to listen to its reverberation.

There was something very sad and solitary in the reverberation of my footsteps.