Revered [verb]

Definition of Revered:

have a high opinion of

Synonyms of Revered:

Opposite/Antonyms of Revered:

Sentence/Example of Revered:

So he lived and so he died, the most revered and the happiest man in all his native shire.

Thus he spoke, and the other Greeks revered the priest and assented.

But, as I was saying, revered friend, the abundance of your wisdom makes you lazy.

And when he was possessed of a title he was revered because of that title, or the title itself was revered.

A man has a right to be employed, to be trusted, to be loved, to be revered.

They are not thought to be inspired, but are revered because of their immemorial antiquity.

Putnik, the revered old strategist, declared that he could do no more.

I could not accept what my teachers gave me, simply because it was taught, much as I revered some of them.

I am to thee in place of a suppliant, to be revered, O Jove-nurtured one!

A particular kind of green snake is revered by the Matabili for this reason.