Reverenced [verb]

Definition of Reverenced:

have a high opinion of

Synonyms of Reverenced:

Opposite/Antonyms of Reverenced:

Sentence/Example of Reverenced:

The Mohammedans do not seem to have reverenced the Allium tribe.

He reverenced the lady who was mistress of his heart and queen.

(p. 060) Above all other musicians, he reverenced Beethoven and Wagner.

He was the youngest but the wisest of them, and they reverenced him as master.

It is in this sacred town alone that your priesthood is reverenced.

It was one of Peggy's inherited treasures, and she reverenced it next to her Bible.

He loved and reverenced Mrs. Linwood, as if she were his own mother.

Madge reverenced the memory of her father as something too sacred for discussion.

But they left it in limbo, they reverenced it, and they passed by.

This priest was of great age, and was reverenced and feared.