Reverend [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Reverend:

But every body else was there, so we did not miss these grave and reverend seigniors.

The Reverend Cecil had not the habit of shirking any duty because he happened to dislike it.

"I hope I shall have strength given me to do my duty," said the Reverend Cecil.

The Reverend Farouche, therefore, holds a secret conference with her father.

It was his fellow-curate, the Reverend Golightly, who was still waiting to deliver his message.

She left me and I went into the Reverend Cole's study and closed the door.

The Reverend Judson would have accompanied me, but I avoided him.

The Reverend Mother did not speak, but I think she must have bent her head.

My head was down, and I did not see if the Reverend Mother bowed again.

One of them was for the Reverend Mother and I saw in a moment that it was in my father's handwriting.