Reverent [adjective]

Definition of Reverent:


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Sentence/Example of Reverent:

He is so very young and reverent and tender, and in a way so unsophisticated.

She was about to grasp him with the eager hands of reverent love: why did he refuse the touch?

A picturesque, old German virtuoso is the reverent possessor of a genuine "Cremona."

Said it made him feel kind of reverent and holy, almost as if he was in Paradise.

"The liberation of mankind," he added, and his voice was reverent.

She was permitted to dust those she could reach, and her touch was reverent and gentle.

What was that word, at which the younger bent his head with reverent gesture?

It seemed the only motion left in a hushed and reverent world.

"But not beyond the reverent faith of a Christian," Olive ventured to say.

Then I got sorry, as this was not reverent, and a bright thought struck me.