Reverential [adjective]

Definition of Reverential:


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Sentence/Example of Reverential:

The reverential care bestowed on this grave is delightful to witness.

Stevie gave glances of reverential compassion to his brother-in-law.

She was pure, reverential and pious in her ways and died at the age of seventeen.

The place and the time were conducive to the highest and most reverential feelings.

They had often seen him at prayer, and now drew back in reverential silence.

We ought to approach it wrapt in reverential awe and wonder.

The demeanor of the crowd of worshippers was quiet and reverential.

There is little real, reverential worship of gods or spirits.

She dropped her eyes to her fingernails, and spoke with reverential deliberation.

It had been regarded with reverential awe by the possessors.