Reverentially [adverb]

Definition of Reverentially:


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Sentence/Example of Reverentially:

Kate took it reverentially, as if receiving it from the hand of her dead mother.

And there we rested, reverentially impressed with the week-day sabbath.

The Giffards joined in them reverentially, but Rose was full of wonderment.

You all know their venerable names and how reverentially we have looked up to them.

He knelt and reverentially bowed his forehead to the pavement.

We received it reverentially at her hand—it was heavy as lead.

It is unbelievable, providential—and it is all you, he said reverentially.

The other agreed, and after reverentially bowing to the ape, mounted on his back.

That and every other new link between us will be reverentially valued.

Garnet raised his hands gratefully and reverentially upwards.