Reveres [verb]

Definition of Reveres:

have a high opinion of

Synonyms of Reveres:

Opposite/Antonyms of Reveres:

Sentence/Example of Reveres:

She reveres in my person a genius to which I make no pretension.

He loves his home, at least, and he reveres his deceased comrades.

No one reveres and treasures the products of the German mind more than we do.

She reveres the memory of Bernoline and in her great heart there is no trace of jealousy.

Is this the skill praised by all, and for which every one reveres you?

The home that places them at its center and reveres them will be cheerful and brave.

The hero of "The Thought" reveres but one thing in the world—his own thought.

Believing this, the writer sympathizes with him in all his struggles, and reveres his memory.

The oak once held a place in English hearts, but who now reveres it?

Krishna himself washes his feet and reveres him as a Brahman.