Reverses [noun]

Definition of Reverses:


Opposite/Antonyms of Reverses:

Sentence/Example of Reverses:

To make it such is in every respect the reverse of scientific.

The Hampshire knight was not a man to be disheartened by a reverse.

The action of the 16th September is considered by some to have been a reverse.

Then, without comment, he glided out to reverse all his arrangements.

Will you take my word for it, when I tell you she has not your right interests at heart, but the reverse?

Now, directly the reverse of this proposition is what is true.

We can only say that what is fittest for the monkey is ill-fitted for man, and the reverse.

I take it as the reverse of flattering to be supposed that I have any liking for such a ninny as you are.

I knew that so many of his “fair pupils” considered him exactly the reverse.

There was no liberty where the laws were unreasonable, and Shaddai's laws were the reverse of reasonable.