Reverted [adjective]

Definition of Reverted:


Synonyms of Reverted:

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Sentence/Example of Reverted:

When they were sitting at the door in the semidusk, he reverted to the idea.

To gain a diversion, he reverted to his familiar bullying tactics.

She reverted to the subject a little later, while she washed the dishes and Alice wiped them.

When he returned Diane reverted to something he had said before.

She reverted to it presently as she was going indoors alone with her cousin.

"To happiness," he cried, and reverted to his earlier prayer.

Reardon had reverted to oldest associations and forgotten his verb.

Soon after that Hetta Houghton reverted to the all important subject.

It reverted also to those who might, in any way, have suffered at his hands.

Then his mind had reverted to the conversation overheard in the music-hall.