Reviewed [adjective]

Definition of Reviewed:


Synonyms of Reviewed:

Opposite/Antonyms of Reviewed:

Sentence/Example of Reviewed:

Mary reviewed the case succinctly for the other's enlightenment.

As he walked back to the camp he reviewed his own feelings with something like astonishment.

Her eyes were hateful and her hands were nervous as she reviewed the past week.

She looked about the room with a warm smile, and reviewed, in feeling, her happy night.

Her eyes had narrowed in a way I well knew when she reviewed the social field.

The garrison was drawn out in the Plaza to be reviewed by their commander.

And yet Kerrison tells me you reviewed the Suffolk papers in the Edinburgh.

Cigarette after cigarette did he smoke as he reviewed the experience of the last six weeks.

Day after day she mounted her horse and reviewed the National Guard.

I did send the Dante and Circle, but don't know if it was ever received or reviewed.