Reviewing [noun]

Definition of Reviewing:


Synonyms of Reviewing:

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Sentence/Example of Reviewing:

To be sure, Gage was a trifle disingenuous in reviewing the past.

"After taking me in," Cassy in reviewing the situation subsequently commented.

When they had all left she sat for a moment, resting and reviewing the events of the day.

Soon the last group in the parade was passing the reviewing stand.

Some of our critics in reviewing the original work have pronounced it 'inchoate.'

First-rate,” said I; “bonneting is more profitable than reviewing.

Reviewing his memories of Harry Tristram, he knew that defiance was just what he had to fear.

Then the divisional march in front of the reviewing stand started.

He could have said no more, had he gone on reviewing every session in the rest of the century.

He was reviewing the facts—or possible facts—that had just come to him.