Reviews [noun]

Definition of Reviews:

examination, study

Synonyms of Reviews:

Opposite/Antonyms of Reviews:

Sentence/Example of Reviews:

Mr. Raymount had some light; he let it shine mostly in reviews, not much in the house.

The Sensation reviews them six-a-time in three or four hundred words.

As soon as my book is out here, and before any of the reviews appear.

Her admiration of the Edinburgh and Quarterly Reviews was great and similar.

Perhaps a literary critic, like Sainte-Beuve with shining Monday morning reviews.

For some reason inspections and reviews are frequent of late.

He dreamt of the reviews, some of which he knew were to appear on the day of publication itself.

Of course, neither the newspapers nor the reviews have any conception of the truth.

It is the idea of the monotonous uniformity with which the Reviews will eulogize me.

I had at this time a great deal to do with the operas and theatres, and often wrote the reviews.