Revile [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Revile:

We revile them for it and proceed to make moral monsters of our own children.

Nay, I will say no ill of the man; to revile one more fortunate is poor argument.

But we are bound not to revile him, as he in sober truth never reviled us.

To Achilles and Ulysses he was particularly hostile, for these two he used to revile.

Thinking that he was some suppliant, he began to revile him and order him to be gone.

Joe raised himself, snivelling, and commenced to revile Sam.

It recalled the features of the sexton, and seemed to mock her—to revile her.

What should induce them to revile their benefactor without provocation?'

She was a princess—how, then, could she pardon one who had dared to revile her?

They curse and revile their enemies and their enemies' wives and daughters.