Reviled [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Reviled:

He reviled the Fat; the Fat, he declared, had conquered the Thin.

He pictured to himself the whole scene; he saw her pursued, hooted at, reviled.

He was caricatured, spit at, reviled, depicted as the beast-man in Europe.

For He must endure to be reviled and slandered, to the highest degree.

He denounced him when he talked, and he reviled him when he sang.

Oh, how bitterly I reviled the frivolous ingratitude of woman!

The music-box has registered Its phrases garbled and reviled. '

When Gardiner saw Dr. Taylor, he, according to his common custom, reviled him.

They erected crosses on their walls, covered them with filth, and reviled the worshipers.

Mina, I feel as if I'd thrown mud at her, as if I'd reviled her.