Revisited [verb]

Definition of Revisited:

visit again

Synonyms of Revisited:

Opposite/Antonyms of Revisited:


Sentence/Example of Revisited:

Stephen Smith revisited Endelstow Vicarage, agreeably to his promise.

They revisited the track, which was still stained with blood.

This was the third time in four years that Buonaparte had revisited his home.

The great raft was not there, nor were there any indications that it had revisited the carcass.

But what made most clear the vision that revisited me was something else.

He revisited Cambridge, and his name was a grey ghost over the door.

Watt revisited Cornwall in 1781 to make an inspection of all the engines.

We revisited Amoy, and then shaped our course for Hong Kong.

He stayed with her an hour, revisited the count, and then strolled to Limmer's.

And never since hath she, or ought like her, revisited my dreams.