Revival [noun]

Definition of Revival:

rebirth, reawakening

Opposite/Antonyms of Revival:

Sentence/Example of Revival:

It swept him away; this revival of passion was irresistible.

It's a revival meeting; a protracted meeting, that's what it is.

In modern times, as will be seen, Epicureanism has enjoyed a revival.

Humiliation and contrition have ever been the conditions of revival.

Men would fain have a revival as the outgrowth of their agencies and progress.

A necessary consequence was the revival of the Act of Uniformity.

No less inspiring was the revival of the Sentry on the 1st March 1917.

He began to speculate on the future of the countryside when the Gaelic revival was complete.

The fire alone sang the song of hope in life's future revival.

He even got up in revival meetin' and laid into it hammer and tongs.