Revived [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Revived:

A commercial minister had appeared on the scene, and the shade of Hoskisson had revived.

It has gone for ever; and can never be revived in the old circumstances.

Later on, Rinaldo and Rodelinda were revived, but the season came to an early end on May 29.

This revived him, and he offered us his canteen, in which was some excellent Jamaica.

The patient has revived and recovered, and no ill effects have followed.

In this hallowed atmosphere I have been revived and refreshed.

The subject of their only long conversation had never been revived between them.

"Of course," I cried, throwing the revived purpose into my voice.

A deaf person had heard, a mute had spoken, a consumptive had revived!

It was revived, more or less exactly, after the Reformation, among the Socinians.