Revokes [verb]

Definition of Revokes:

take back; cancel

Synonyms of Revokes:

Opposite/Antonyms of Revokes:

Sentence/Example of Revokes:

Fate has cut and shuffled the cards for you; the game is yours, unless you revoke.

But pray, Sir, interrupting him, how came you to apprehend that I should revoke my intention?

"It's not too late to revoke my opinion," said she, passionately.

It had been necessary for Parliament to revoke its old persecuting statutes.

A revoke cannot be claimed after the cards are cut for the next deal.

In no case can a player be compelled to play a card which would oblige him to revoke.

At the end of the hand the claimants of a revoke may search all the tricks.

The penalty of a revoke takes precedence of all other scores.

When you are dummy the new rules permit you to call a revoke.

You've got to agree with me that the inspectors will suspend you—revoke your license.