Revolutionized [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Revolutionized:

Already the rice industry of Louisiana has been revolutionized by white immigrants.

She revolutionized not only his life, but his social doctrines.

He all but revolutionized French artillery, and vitally influenced other countries.

Voltaire and Rousseau revolutionized French thought from the top to the bottom.

And fortunately you do not have to, for we have revolutionized all that.

Cimabue revolutionized painting, and then "the cry was Giotto's."

The building of the Monitor also revolutionized naval warfare.

The teaching of Pasteur and Lister had not then revolutionized medicine.

The discovery of radio-activity has revolutionized the ideas of the constitution of matter.

"The housekeeping of the world is revolutionized, dear Johannes," said Windekind.